“Getting a coach has been one of my best life decisions”


“Mike had a very positive impact on my life that I will be forever grateful! I started with Mike with an imbalance that was heavily weighted on work and very little of anything else. Over time, with Mike’s guidance and support, a more balanced and fulfilled life took shape with increased family time, greater emotional strength, introduction of “me” time, and improved vitality! Unquestionably, getting a coach has been one of my best life decisions!”

Mark Greenidge | Real Estate Agent with RockStar Realty




“Mike was holding me accountable”


“Thanks Mike!

Instilling new habits was a big part of the change and I got real about what was on my well-being check list.  I started with way too many items that I didn’t have time for, then I realized how I was failing at this and stopped tracking everything and was getting out of shape.

Finally something snapped.  Probably because Mike was holding me accountable, skinny’d  up my checklist to something realistic, made it apply for only weekdays, and here we are!”

Erwin Szeto | Real Estate Agent for Investors & Professional Real Estate Investor




“Thanks for your support”


“Wow the more I speak with you, the more I realize how amazing of a supporter you are. Thank you from my heart.”

Tahani Aburaneh | Best Selling Author, Speaker, Real Estate Agent




“I have successfully attracted many positive people in my life …”


“I have known Mike for over a year now and during this time he has added incredible value into my life by positively impacting my thoughts. Mike is a proactive thinker. He is a man of great integrity and his character shows it. A man that really focuses on how to improve himself consistently and those around him. When he quit his government job to focus more on his life, i remember thinking to myself that this man knows how to create freedom. After meeting Mike and associating with him i have successfully attracted many positive people in my life and to be honest, my thinking has changed. I used to have mental blocks that seemed like mountains to me and after speaking with Mike they seem to be lifted. My thoughts were more clearly directed towards my goals in a laser like focus. Having close relations with Mike has opened doors for my future and i am very proud to have him as a close personal friend”

Shenan Charania | Tim Horton’s Owner and Operator, Surrey, BC


“You are so real and I love, love , working with you”



“Okay its official. I love Mike. Haha.  Seriously, thanks so much for today. You just have such a calm way of helping me see things. I am truly grateful to you today

It was a great call.  I really feel that when I speak with you, I feel strong and I try to accomplish tasks and as the week goes on I start to weaken and I need my drugs again (that would be you).   Mike you really nailed it this week.

I just want to say thank you. I feel like I’m learning so much and am starting to feel more successful. I still have a long way to go but moving in the right direction.”

Trudi Johnston | Real Estate Agent





“I can rely on you”


“I have to say that I have always found you to be a person of character and values. You are someone I feel I can rely and trust in what they say and do.”

Joan Hing-King | President of the Oakville Real Estate Group, Real Estate Agent and Investor




“I’m now taking control of my life”


“Thanks for speaking with me on Skype tonight. You made me realize how important it is to keep up with everything in this program to achieve maximum results. I got a very cool breeze after speaking with you as I did when I first joined, it’s truly amazing, thanks for bring me back on the track. “

Yasir Shad | Professional Real Estate Investor






“You’re absolutely right about focus”


“I just want to let you know that we were on the phone for 55 minutes today.  All of that time was you helping me.  I really can’t express enough how appreciative I am of your friendship and your desire to help others.  Thanks for being such an amazing guy!  I feel blessed to have you in my life!  You’re absolutely right about focus.  I do have some clarity and I’m planning to do something about it soon.”

Rich Danby | Producer/Director at Rogers TV & President of Ottawa Real Estate Investor’s Organization


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