Game Changer List



 Thanks for attending one of my Game Changer Weekends.

 I shared a ton on the weekend, and I hope you were able to start applying some things right away.

I would like to continue to keep in touch and support you by sharing more cool tips and strategies so that you can LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE.



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  • Well-Being Checklist – This list helps you do more of what makes you happy and brings you more energy.
  • Finances Tracker – Reduce stress.  Get a handle of your finances by tracking them.
  • Life Balance Wheel – This exercise helps you maintain balance in all areas of your life.
  • Water Calculator – How much water should I be drinking based on my weight.
  • Hydration Test – A simple test to see if you are getting enough water.
  • Acid/Alkaline Chart – A helpful chart which shows which foods are alkaline forming and which foods are acid forming.
  • Exercise Tracker – What gets measured gets improved.
  • Breathing – Why it’s important to breath properly.
  • The Dirty Dozen and the Clean 15 – When to buy organic. This is a handy list to carry with you when you are at the grocery store.
  • Food Combining Charts – This chart helps you understand what foods go together better which aids in digestion.

 I am always expanding my knowledge and I keep picking up new things along the way.

As I pick up these new things, I will continue to share them with you.